Thursday, May 2, 2013

WOW is where I would like to begin with the last 48 hours, YES 48 hours. I can not believe all the amazing support that Tucker and his family are receiving.  It started two days ago when Mary-Ann decided to start a facebook group called Help Tucker Breathe. People began posting right away for his speedy recovery and donations. I then asked Mary-Ann and a few other people close to Tucker if I could start a funding page for him to make it easier for people ALL over to help donate to the very expensive medical bills.

fast forward 48 hours:

We have raised almost 12,000! I can NOT believe how many amazing people are out there. People who don't even know Tucker are donating so much time, money and energy.

Tucker you rock!

I wanted to set up this page because things are getting so big and exciting and I want to make it easier for people to check up on Tucker and see all the pictures and tweets we have been getting!

If anyone has a story about Tucker they would like to share or just want to say anything please don't hesitate to e-mail 


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