Wednesday, May 8, 2013

from me. to you.

Hi Tucker

My name is Lindsay England and we have never met. I've never started a letter like that and how the weight behind those words would change my life. I don't know you, yet I admire you and look up to you. These last 7 days have been one of the most eye opening experiences in my life. I don't know you, yet I cried for you today. I want you to breathe. I wish I could let you borrow my breath or just give you some of mine, I have plenty. The other night I started to think about you and I started to cry. I remember saying to myself, "why am I crying? I haven't met him." I feel like I have met you. I've met your wonderful friends and family through this crazy thing called the internet. You  have touched my life in a way I don't think I can ever put in to words. These last 7 days have showed me what love is, what kindness is, compassion. My whole outlook on life has changed. I've started to realize why I am here on this Earth. I don't think I've had a moment yet were I thought that, and you gave me that, someone I haven't even met. I know you will be OK  because God wants you to give what you gave me, to more people. 

Ill be up here from PA to NC sending you my breath


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