Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You DON’T know Tuck?!!

Hey Tucker, I’d like you to meet:

Allison Tilden
Mollie Little
Katy Atkins Small
Kristen Robbins Lorden
Lauren Hendricks
Heather Gray
Christy Branch Wiscarson
Darrell Reynard
Katrina Herring
Whitney Lewers Frey
Kathy Smith Coffey
Theresa Thurston Lowry
Kim Hulce
Cassie Look
Cindy Gentry
Danielle Abbott
Elizabeth Sim Zielinksi
Anne Brubaker Reinhardt
Stephanie Walton Anderson
Alexandra Johann
John Quinn
Valerie Harper
Miranda Royer
Mandy Parker
Kristin Pennington
Sissy Dreher
Robin Desmond
Samantha Effler
Amy Miller
Lindsay England
Ray Shashaty
Page Smart Gammon
Michael Hayes
Jan Piermarini
Carol Walrath
Jaci Atkins Seay
Ruth “Mimi”  Slingerland
Ashley Davenport
Bernadette Ansbro Britt
Debi Carter Melland
Amanda Carter
Morgan Banner Burnette
Barbara Holman
Robin Winterson Metzler
Sarah Frietsch
KD Baker
Amanda Mazing Roberts
Justin Golding
Kristin Henderson
Rhonda Garlin Kelley
Tamara Fraser
Eugenia Milner Henry
Stephanie Nicole Bell
Bryan Christopher Lunsford
Lindsey Brown
Kristina Schulz
Suzie Neal
Shaleigh Reinee
Traci Dean
Bob Reinhardt
Debra Rourke Stoss
Sean David England
Marie Lee Chenault
Molly Wake
Kara Bacile
Winston McCollum
Katherine Larkin
Becky Winn
Jackie Myers

Your mind blown yet? ALL of these people do not know Tucker, yet they have been following him and supporting him! Once again, the power of love overcomes evil. whatUP!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

kindness for the WIN

Kerrie Fagan posted this on Facebook! 

Got in the car from the pool and somebody left money on my windshield for tucker! People amaze me

Monday, June 3, 2013


So we all keep talking about how people from ALL over are showing love and support for Tucker and his family and I just wanted everyone to see where all these people live! Listed below are the State/City/Country where all our Tucker supporters live!! It's so overwhelming and amazing to see how many people he has touched, from across the United State to across the pond!! Keep sending in your City/State/Country on Facebook or E-mail so I can post it!

Glen Allen
Chesterfield County
Henrico County
Prince George County
Charles City

San Diego

Palm Beach Gardens
Boynton Beach
West Palm Beach


North Carolina
Chapel Hill
Old Fort



New Castle


Grand Isle

New Jersey
South Plainfield



South Carolina



New York
South Glens Falls
New York City
Long Island







Costa Rica


West Coast of Emerald Isle




Sunday, June 2, 2013


Strangers = someone you don't know. Strangers have been helping fuel the helptuckerbreathe campaign and my heart is filled with love and hope that this world is good. Thank you Geoff for doing this, even though you don't know Tucker!  Everyday we can help someone just by a single word or action. Don't give up on realizing people in this world are GOOD


Hey everyone! Amy had a great idea of having everyone send a little note to Tucker! Whether it's a note, a picture, a prayer or even a video! Anything would be wonderful! We want to make sure Tucker has things to look at while he's going through his recovery process!

You can mail things to Tucker here:

Duke university hospital
2301 Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27710
Attn: PICU Andrew Gordon room #5606

Update- Friday May 31st

Tucker was moved out of ICU this week onto the stepdown unit! He's been walking around the unit 3 x daily & made it around 13 times yesterday! 20 laps is the is magic goal. A feeding tube was surgically put in to help him gain weight and he's down to 4 chest tubes. As of today, he is allowed to swallow liquids! The epidural was removed so really weaning the pain meds. The real fight is about to begin! Your prayers, comments, love & support are so very comforting to all of us. Love to all.


Thursday, May 30, 2013


Everyone make sure to check out a great event going on tomorrow! If you like jewelry then this is the exact thing you want to be at! And it helps benefit Tucker!

here it is!

Update message from Kristina!

Yes! I believe they can order from Marye-Ann Hill's Stella and Dot site....and can order through my Mary Kay Web site...under notes just put 
#helptuckerbreathe so i know to give him the money!!!

Check it out today!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tucker Takeover Thursday

I know this is a little late but I had to post about it! XL102 Radio station offered an amazing event called Tucker Takeover Thursday where ALL day was about Tucker! Items were auctioned off all day and they broadcast-ed their show at Capital Ale House in downtown Richmond from 2-7 Two bands played and SO many people showed up to show their support for Tucker! We raised over 1,000 dollars just from selling T-shirts and wrist bands! We can't thank XL102 enough and everyone else that made this event possible!

Support Support!!

We continue to get so much support! I know Tucker and his family are still overwhelmed and thankful for everything! I wanted to post more pictures people have been sending in!(some from overseas!)

baby bib made by Marye-Ann!

Someone search HelpTuckerBreathe and thousands of searches came up!

 T-Shirts being sold to help tucker!

Support from London in front of Big Ben!

 Support during a race!


Keep em coming!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Skydiving for Tucker!

So we have had lots of different kinds of dares done and one that completed was skydiving! A group of brave soul ventured out into the open parts of Virginia to jump out of plane! Crazy or dedicate? BOTH! Below are some awesome pictures from the event!!

Now its your turn to ask, have you dared to breathe?

Update from Tucker's Mom

Our CF warrior continues to amaze everyone! We are now learning how very sick Tucker was hours prior to surgery. On Wednesday the day after receiving his lungs, Tucker was back in the OR. I can now say he is responding well! ECMO machine, ventilator, catheter, neck IVs, have all been removed as he's being monitored in ICU. He walks 3 x a day, which is not an easy task and talking alot through his trache! Today is another swallow test so hopefully he'll get the green light to begin drinking/eating! The week has been successful and prayers answered. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he needs much strength and determination to continue forward. Peace to all.


Monday, May 27, 2013


It's been awhile since I posted something, I apologize! There has been so much happening since our last post! Such as, Tucker is awake and he has been walking! This is such a tough thing for someone to do but Tucker isn't just anyone! Tucker's mom posted on Facebook that Tucker has been walking three times a day! Tucker you are amazing and so strong! You are an inspiration for so many people and we are all continuing to pray for you and think about you! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Page! We all love you and are thinking about you! ALL of us wanted to say a little hello and let you know how much we love you and what a strong woman you are!!

Happy Mother's Day!
I'm so thrilled with the response you all have gotten. It's wonderful:) good things come to good people. In my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there :) enjoy your Mother's Day together and many more. Xx

-Taylor Skevington :):):):):)

Tucker and Ms. Gordon,

Happy Mother's Day. I know things are so hard right now. Y'all are an inspiration to me for how strong you guys are. Tucker I knew you back in middle school and my mom use to help out in the clinic and when I found out about all this I didn't even know what to say. We never really talked but I definitely knew who you were. Tucker Gordon one of the cutest guys at Pocahontas haha.

You two like I said are an inspiration for how strong y'all are. Keep fighting Tucker and take care of Amy :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

-Arielle Vergales


Happy Mama's Day Page

This all still doesn't seem real. I find myself sitting in my car or ironing my clothes, saying little prayers asking God to wrap his arms around Tucker, Riley, Page and Amy. The unwavering love within a family is the greatest of gifts. Page has been a cystic fibrosis super mom. Her allegiance to Tucker and fighting his disease come naturally to her. Although Tuck can't be with us right now he is impacting hundreds of lives, mine especially. I am so thankful to know him, his family, and now the extended family that has been born as a result of his disease. I want to send out a big Happy Mother's Day wish to Page. She has shown us what it means to love someone and few things compare to the relationship they share.

Love you guys, Keri



Happy mothers day! I know that this mothers day you probably wont be receiving breakfast in bed, flowers from Tucker, or going to get a massage from Riley. I know that today it will just be another day of pushing Tucker to keep fighting and sitting and staring at him countless hours while he breathes easy for the first time in months through his vent.  Its a bitter sweet day but today you need to remember you are a mother, an amazing one at that. Its not fair as a mother what you have to go through, things in which most people will never be able to understand. The pain you have to watch your child endure that you cant take away from him is not fair. BUT you do have a sweet child who since was born touched countless lives. You have a child who raised 60 thousand dollars in less than two weeks because of his big heart. You're responsible for the child who has had such an ever lasting impact on people,in which he is to blame for countless tattoos, countless nicotine patches and gum in place of cigarettes, and many fallen tears from people that know him and also some that don't  I know today will be mostly about Tucker, but as doctors, nurses, and people come and go out of his room, as 99% of your day will be about Tucker i ask you to please stop and realize how amazing of a job you have done raising your kids. Not only Tucker, but Riley. Two of my favorite, sweetest, down to earth, big hearted people i have ever met, came 100% from YOU. YOU should be proud of yourself today and everyday. I love you Page and Happy Mothers Day.

Marye-Ann Hill


Page & Tucker, I have been sending Lots of Love and Blessings and Prayers to you since I the day I met both of you. (Tucker 5 yrs ago & Page a mere  11 days ago on FB! )  In honor of  Mother’s Day I wanted to make sure that you both knew that those loving thoughts and prayers and blessings  are  getting stronger and more insistent and are being shared and sent to you and your family by thousands of us across the world…   Thank you for Page sharing Tucker and Riley with us. And thank you for allowing us all to be an extended part of your family. With Lots of Love and Lots of Warm Enveloping Hugs

(Aunt) Laura Lynch  XOX


I wanted to offer a special Mother's Day greeting to Tucker's mom… something other than the generic "Happy Mother's Day, Page!" Something personal and meaningful. Something that shows that I've seen what a wonderful mom she is. I've never met Page, though. After thinking about it, though, I realized that I have met her. In our friend Tucker. I've seen Tucker's easy, caring way with children. I've seen his polite, respectful manner with people of all ages. His good humor. Outgoing personality. Inclusive, friendly way. When I see Tucker, I see a well-rounded individual who enjoys life. One does not need to climb very high in the family tree to find the source of all of these precious qualities. So I say to Tucker's source, Happy Mother's Day, Page. It has been a pleasure knowing you!

Robert Lynch

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tats for Tuck Update

SO as one of the money raising DARES we asked people to get tattoos support Tucker/and or CF! We have received SO many amazing pictures! Billy Reinhardt did a lot of them! 
I wanted to put all the Tat for Tucker pictures in one post so you could see them!

Keep sending in pictures! You are wonderful people!

We are continuing to receive SO much support! Everyone is still doing an amazing job! There are so many events coming up and we are ALL so excited! First off let me share more pictures that people have been sending in.
Thank you!!

People are still accepting the Tattoo dare!!


This kind stranger(right) stopped Robert and asked him about the sign and when Robert told him, the man said he needed to help and handed him a $50 bill! THANK YOU!

Passing out/posting flyers!!

Running a race!! Awesome!

Another tattoo dare!

Wrist bands!

LOVE from MEXICO!!! Thank you!

From MEXICO again!

 Kids set up a stand and sold treats for tucker!! thank you!!

Another TAT for tucker!!

Tattoo dare again! you people rock