Thursday, May 2, 2013

From Dakota

To all my friends, acquaintances and colleagues, have you ever stepped outside on a beautiful day and taken a deep BREATHE? Only to find your lungs and soul filled with crisp, refreshing oxygen that seems to bring you to life. Well we are beyond fortunate to be able to taste the elixir of life and often we all take it for granted. However, not all of us are so lucky.

Cystic Fibrosis, a nasty disease that deteriorates the lungs and other vital organs in the body snatches this ability to breathe from those effected by its wretchedness. This disease took my sister: my hero, my best friend and my rock from me almost three years ago.

Chantel Wilson Wells was lucky enough to receive a double lung transplant which granted her a year more on this beautiful Earth. Now you might think 365 days is not a lot but to her and all of those who loved her, it was a gift that had no price. It was due to the constant efforts and fundraising of her loved ones that granted her a second BREATHE of life and her transplant.

Now, 1 of Chantel's Best friends who was one of her biggest rocks during her entire life struggling with her disease needs our help! Tucker Gordon a saint to all that know him needs a new set of lungs and its his time to get his 2nd BREATHE! The cost of the surgery and after care is beyond expensive and is not reachable alone.

Together, as your friend, co-worker, and representative Please, Please, Please help us give Tucker the support he showed my sister throughout her life that kept her fighting.
Today, not as individual people but as a family, we can help save the life of Tucker Gordon: a son, a brother, a caretaker, a fighter and a survivor.
Please my friends today give as little as or as much as you can to his cause because every penny helps. In 2 days we have all raised over $11,000!!! But we are not there yet, share this and forward this with all your friends! Support and friendship are powerful tools its time to show what we are capable of!

Upload your own #HelpTuckerBreathe Photo!!!!!

Thanks you all for your support, time and consideration!
To donate and keep up with the movement to #HelpTuckerBreathe follow this link!!!!
We Love you Tuck
Dakota Ray

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