Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Great Offers!!!


Y'all ready to get your mind blown? The lovely Allison Tilden has offered a free two hour massage! The person who offers the highest donation will receive the massage you can
Email me at by the end of the week!. Don't let this opportunity pass! (need to live in VA)


Billy loved Jason with all of his heart and soul and said that if they were friends of Jason's, then they were friends of his. He said that on Sunday, at my house, he will do tattoos, regardless of what they are, in support of Tucker, or just a tattoo they have been wanting to get, he will do them at a reduced cost (Example - $100 Tattoo for $60). All of the proceeds will go to Tucker, minus supply cost for his needles and ink. His example to me was a $50 tattoo, $40 goes to Tucker, $10 for supply costs. Kind of like a tattoo party. 

This is from Bob Reinhardt and his brother Billy has made this sweet offer!

Please contact bob by FRIDAY!
You can reach him at

31 Party!
 Erica Mangum has thought up a great way to #helptuckerbreathe

I sell thirty-one products (totes, purses, coolers) and we can choose to do a fundraiser in which 25% of proceeds will go towards helping tucker. I set up a "Shop for Tucker" online party and we've already got a $50 purchase! Below is the link if you wanted to help share!

My Thirty One

Go take a look! Make sure to spread this around!!

Thanks Erica!

Please E-mail me as well if you have any questions!

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