Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Heart is Full of Love.....

My heart is full of love; my body full of strength and determination. The past 30+ days have been a roller coaster and I know our journey is just beginning. I am overwhelmed but humble with all of the prayers, donations, media and notes everyone has posted. A lot whom I do not know. I have always believed if we all ban together and given just a dollar, that so many needs can easily be met. Duke transport is now on their way to pick up Tucker. It will be a long night -early morning ahead as I will follow behind the ambulance. Tuck will be disappointed the weather changed but I promised him that helicopter ride will happen when this is all done. Duke has agreed to evaluate him to enter into their lung transplant program. I ask each of you to keep him in your prayers and I pray that he will receive new lungs and finally know what it means to breathe. 

Peace to all - Page

 A note from Tuckers mom that she posted on Facebook

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